Carousel of Kung Fu Heroes
Our goal is to ensure that everyone is able to make well informed decisions about their ability to safely, comfortably, and conveniently experience each of our attractions.

This ride includes circular motion and up-down movement on select characters.

Failure to follow posted guidelines may result in serious injury or expulsion from the park.

Persons with the following conditions should review their ability to ride:
1 Expectant mothers.
1 Recent Surgery or Other Conditions that may be aggravated by this ride.
1 Children under 122cm must be accompanied by an Adult.
1 Weight not to exceed 136 kg.
This ride employs safety restraints which may not accommodate certain people due to their body shape or size. Guests whose waistlines are 102cm or greater may not be accommodated on the ride.
Guests who are intoxicated should not ride.


  • Throughout the experience, you should be able to independently:

    (1) maintain an upright position,

    (2) support your torso, neck, and head while absorbing sudden and dramatic movements, and

    (3) brace your body with either (a) one upper extremity while forming a saddle posture with two legs (natural or prosthetic) or (b) a saddle posture with two legs (natural or prosthetic) which terminate below the knee.

  • Chariots are available for Guests who cannot ride independently.
  • Hand-held infants may ride in the chariot only.


1 The vehicle has adequate floor space. There is an option of chariot or character seating. If the rider is on a character, an uncrated Guide Dog may lie in front of or between the characters provided they are not in the way of the up and down motion. Leash length should be long enough to accommodate change in distance when character rises. A portable kennel is available upon request.


1 Guests may remain in manual wheelchair throughout. Guests using motorized wheelchairs or electric convenience vehicles should see an attendant for assistance.


Keep hands and feet within the carousel platform area at all times.
Supervise children.
Hold onto the pole at all times.
Refrain from side-saddle or backward riding.
Ensure that hand-held infants ride in the chariot only.
Those standing should keep away from the edge of the platform.
Refrain from walking around while the ride is in motion.
No Photography or Video Recording.
1 Keep your seatbelt securely fastened.


Secure all loose articles (phones, hats, glasses, video-recording equipment, cameras, wallets, keys, etc.) or leave with a non-rider.
No eating, drinking, or smoking.
Guests must adhere to all directions given by Team Members of the Resort.
Please see an attendant for assistance.