Important Safety Guidelines

Latest Admission Requirement


We are delighted to share with you that Universal Studios Beijing has launched seasonal programs. We look forward to welcoming you.

Meanwhile, we kindly remind you to pay attention to the following reminders:


Outdoor Weather Impact:

Some outdoor attractions, shows and rides at the Universal Beijing Resort might be occasionally impacted by the weather conditions (e.g. snow, rain, hail, lightning, sandstorm, air pollution, etc.). For the safety and comfort experiences of guests and TMs, we will adjust operational status of these outdoor experiences timely based on weather conditions. You can check the latest operation arrangement in our official App, Ali Mini Program and WeChat Mini Program.

As most of our entertainment venues are indoor or designed with shelters, even when a few attractions are temporarily closed, you are still able to enjoy the Park for a unique seasonal experience. Looking forward to your visit. Have a nice day!


Admission and Reservation:

•    Since June 12,2023, guests with General Admission Tickets or Annual Pass holders are required to make a reservation online before the visitation to Universal Studios Beijing, who can enjoy a faster admission experience by presenting the reservation voucher on the day. Guests with Dated Tickets do not require reservations when entering Universal Studios Beijing.

•    To ensure guest a pleasant experience, Universal Beijing Resort has implemented new rules and regulations starting from June 15, 2023. Wagons that may impact other guests will be restricted. Please read the rules and regulations before your visit.

•    To ensure a safe and quality experience of all guests and to maintain resort order, as well as to prevent food safety risks associated with unauthorized vending, Universal Beijing Resort, based on continuous listening to guests, will commence a trial based on updated Rules and Regulations effective August 4,2023, and will officially implement this new regulation effective August 18,2023. We kindly remind you that the following items will be restricted from being brought into the resort, including stools, folding chairs, selfie sticks, and other items that may affect guest safety and experience, as well as food, beverages, and other goods beyond personal use. Please read the Universal Beijing Resort and Universal Studios Beijing Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations carefully prior to your visit and plan on your carried items accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation!


Seasonal Activities:

Universal Cool Summer Viewing Guide

1.    The guest area for the show is divided into the "Soak Zone", the "Splash Zone" and the "Dry Zone". Guests in the Soak Zone will get wet from the water effects during the performance, those in the Splash Zone may get wet, while those in the Dry Zone will remain dry.

2.    Guests are not allowed to use umbrellas for safety reasons. You can bring your own raincoat or purchase a poncho from retail carts and stores on-site if necessary.

3.    Before entering the Soak Zone and Splash Zone, please securely store your valuables such as phones and cameras to prevent them from getting wet or being lost.

4.    Water spraying devices (such as water guns or similar tools) are not permitted into Universal Beijing Resort.

5.    Do not splash water at the performers or other guests during the show.

6.    Bringing food and beverages into the viewing area is not permitted.

7.    For your own safety and the safety of others, do not run and avoid horseplaying during the performance.

8.    Please follow the instructions of team members and enter the venue according to the designated route. After the performance, please follow the instructions to exit the venue in an orderly manner and avoid lingering on the premises. Please walk at all times as running is not allowed.

9.    During the performance, all guests are required to stand during the show. Guests will not be allowed to sit on the ground due to the wet environment. Additionally, avoid lifting or carrying children or others to watch the show.

10.    Your appearance, portrait, actions and clothing may be captured by cameras randomly and live streamed on the screen on site during the show. Please do not enter into venue if you disagree with such shooting and display. Entering the venue indicates you agree to grant Universal Beijing Resort permission to film, use and display your appearance, portrait, actions and clothing.


Healthy and Safety:

To ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members, please pay attention to the health and safety guidelines below:

1.    Please follow the instructions of signages and Team Members when queuing at the security check, and maintain social distance from groups around you.

2.    In crowded indoor and outdoor areas, we recommend guests wear face covering correctly.

3.    Please follow Team Member’s instruction as some of our rides, shows, attractions, restaurants and stores may impose restrictions on guest flow depending on the density of the crowd.

4.    We remind our guests to maintain personal hygiene and health.

If you have further questions, please contact the Universal Beijing Resort Contact Center:4000 688688 (Chinese Mainland) and +86-10-89 688 688 (Other Countries/Regions) or Guest Service: 4008 778899 (Chinese Mainland) and +86-10-5802 8899 (Other Countries/Regions) for all enquiries. 

If the hotline wait time is long, we recommend that you send an email to or  and leave your contact information. We will process your email as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you at Universal Beijing Resort!