Important Safety Guidelines


Health and Safety Guidelines of Universal Beijing Resort


Reminder of the Latest Admission Requirement

In accordance with the latest pandemic control and prevention requirement, Dine-in service in restaurants at Universal Beijing Resort (including Universal Studios Beijing, The Universal Studios Grand Hotel, NUO Resort Hotel and Universal CityWalk Beijing) will be temporarily suspended since November 26, 2022. Food and beverage service is still available for food kiosks and mobile food carts in the resort area, while the hotels will provide room service to guests. In accordance with the pandemic control and prevention requirements from relevant authorities. You can refer to the latest operational information through Universal Beijing Resort Official App and Mini Programs.

We are delighted to share with you that Universal Studios Beijing will launch seasonal programs. We look forward to welcoming you.

We’d like to inform you that some outdoor attractions, shows and rides at the Universal Beijing Resort might be occasionally impacted by the weather conditions (e.g. snow, rain, hail, lightning, sandstorm, air pollution, etc.). For the safety and comfort experiences of guests and TMs, we will adjust operational status of these outdoor experiences timely based on weather conditions. You can check the latest operation arrangement in our official App, Ali Mini Program and WeChat Mini Program.

As most of our entertainment venues are indoor or designed with shelters, even when a few attractions are temporarily closed, you are still able to enjoy the Park for a unique seasonal experience. Looking forward to your visit. Have a nice day!

In accordance with the latest pandemic control and prevention requirement, starting from Nov.24, all guests are required to provide a valid 48-hour negative NAT result before entering Universal Beijing Resort, including Universal Studios Beijing, Universal CityWalk Beijing, the Universal Studios Grand Hotel, NUO Resort Hotel. We will update our pandemic control and prevention policy based on pandemic situation and the latest government requirement. To avoid any inconvenience to your trip, please refer to the Health and Safety Guidelines on Universal Beijing Resort Official APP, Alibaba Mini Program or WeChat Mini Program for detailed requirements.

To ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members, we have adopted enhanced pandemic prevention and control measures based on the guidance of relevant authorities and the actual situation of Universal Beijing Resort. Please pay attention to the health and safety guidelines of Universal Beijing Resort. We hope to ensure that everyone can enjoy:

  •  Safe and orderly entry

          we will strictly implement capacity limits and require reservations for admission; All guests are required to provide a valid negative NAT result within the 48 hours (from Nov. 24) and Health Kit, verify ID card and carry out temperature detection before entering Universal Beijing Resort

  • Comfortable and pleasant experience

          we require guests to wear masks correctly, scan QR codes before entering entertainment, dining and shopping venues, keep a safe social distance when playing and queuing, and wash hands and disinfect frequently throughout the day

  • Sanitary and healthy environment

          we will continue to enhance the cleaning and disinfection of venues within the resort, and conduct environmental sampling on a regular basis to provide clean and hygienic facilities, equipment and environment


  • Admission Instructions

     1.    In accordance with the relevant requirements of Beijing's pandemic prevention and control measures and the CDC experts’ advice, guests in the following situations please do not to make reservations or purchase tickets:

  • Personnel with travel or residence history in the past 14 days to prefecture-level cities (municipalities, districts, and counties of sub-provincial cities) with medium or high-risk areas or with newly confirmed cases
  • Personnel with travel or residence history overseas during the past 28 days
  • Personnel who have contact history with covid-19 cases (confirmed and asymptomatic) and suspected cases in the past 21 days; or has contact history with close contacts in the past 14 days
  • Personnel who have contact history with people who has epidemiological link and has developed fever or respiratory symptoms
  • There is an infection cluster (with 2 or more cases developing fever and/or respiratory symptoms in small groups like family, office, school classes and etc. in 14 days)
  • Confirmed cases who have been discharged after recovery, or asymptomatic cases who have been released from centralized quarantine and medical observation, but are still in the follow-up period or medical observation period
  • Personnel who have developed suspected COVID symptoms including fever, dry cough, breathing difficulty (dyspnea), fatigue, muscle pain (myalgia), headache, changes in smell and taste (hyposmia and dysgeusia), sore throat, nasal obstruction and runny nose, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and etc.
  • Personnel with high infection risks as defined by specialized authorities who have not yet competed the health management requirements.  

    Guests who are travelling from outside of Beijing might be denied entry due to sudden changes of risk status from their prior location. Additional restrictions may apply that guest must have completed all quarantine procedures when entering Beijing before experiencing the Universal Beijing Resort. 
    For more information, please visit national health commission ( and/or the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( Above requirements may change based on government direction.

      2.   Park access gates and security checkpoints in hotel are reserved only for guests registered at The Universal Studios Grand Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel.

      3.   To effectively guide and control guest flow and ensure comfortable experience, guests must make reservation for admission based on time slots through Universal Beijing Resort official APP and present the valid reservation code when entering the theme park.

      4.    Guests are required to provide a valid negative NAT result within 48 hours before entering Universal Beijing Resort, including Universal Studios Beijing, Universal CityWalk Beijing, The Universal Studios Grand Hotel, or the NUO Resort Hotel.

      5.    Temperature and health checks, Beijing Health Kit and ID card verification are required for all guests when entering Universal Beijing Resort. Guests whose body temperature is higher than 37.2°C, or who have pop-up windows, abnormality or cannot be verified in Beijing Health Kit will be refused entry to the resort area

      6.    Please follow the instructions of signages and Team Members when queuing at the security check, and maintain social distance from groups around you

  • In-resort Instruction 


  • Environmental Assurance

       1.    Environmental sampling and monitoring will be carried out regularly to ensure overall environmental safety at Universal Beijing Resort, including Universal Studios Beijing, Universal CityWalk Beijing, The Universal Studios Grand Hotel, or the NUO Resort Hotel.

       2.    We require our staff to hold valid negative NAT results, and daily temperature and health checks, Team Members who may interact with guests are required to wear N95 or KN95 face covering. 

       3.    The entertainment, dining, shopping venues in Universal Beijing Resort are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, conduct enhanced disinfection of public washrooms and high touch facilities and areas with safe and effective agents

       4.    Obvious safety signages and full-time personnel are in place at venues that may be crowded with people to remind guests of necessary pandemic prevention and control measures, including security check entrance, queuing area of rides, shows and other attractions, cashier waiting area of restaurants and stores etc.

Based on consideration on the health and safety of our guests, we have set corresponding accessibility requirements on the health condition for different rides. To help you safely, comfortably, and conveniently experience each of our attractions, please refer to Attraction Accessibility information at Please see an attendant for assistance if have other concerns.

    Operational measures will be adjusted and updated in a timely manner according to the pandemic prevention and control situation. You can also check the latest information through the Universal Beijing Resort official website, APP, or Mini Programs.
    If you have further questions, please contact the Universal Beijing Resort Contact Center:4000 688688 (Chinese Mainland) and +86-10-89 688 688 (Other Countries/Regions) or Guest Service: 4008 778899 (Chinese Mainland) and +86-10-5802 8899 (Other Countries/Regions) for all enquiries. 
    If the hotline wait time is long, we recommend that you send an email to or  and leave your contact information. We will process your email as soon as possible. 

    Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you at Universal Beijing Resort!