Notification of Universal Beijing Resort
Published by:2021 / 03 / 04

Notification on the Environmental Protection Related Information of Universal Beijing Resort

According to the requirement of applicable laws and regulations on environment protection, the following information of Universal Beijing Resort is publicized for public supervision.

1. Information on prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste in 2022, referring to【Document 1

2. Emergency Response Plan and emergency response drills for environmental emergencies.

(1) Emergency Response Plan for environmental emergencies, referring to【Document 2】.

(2) Emergency Response drill. At the beginning of each year, the annual emergency response drill plan is developed, the drill is carried out within the year as planned.  

It is hereby notified above.

Beijing International Resort Co., LTD. Theme Park and Resort Management Branch



Notification on Environmental Protection Acceptance of the BOH Food Safety Testing Lab Project of Universal Beijing Resort

As per requirements of the Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Project, the Regulations on the Administration of Construction Project Environmental Protection and other relevant laws, the information on environmental protection acceptance of the BOH food safety testing lab project is hereby circulated to the public as following:

Construction Entity: Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd.

Location of Project; Tongzhou District, Beijing

Information to be publicized: acceptance and monitoring report, acceptance opinion and other items need clarification

     Annex 1: acceptance and monitoring report of BOH food safety testing lab project

     Annex 2: acceptance opinion of BOH food safety testing lab project

     Annex 3: other items need clarification of BOH food safety testing lab project

Contact Address: Building No.3, Area 8, Courtyard No.6, Dujiaqu North Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Duration of Publicity: March 14 – April 12, 2023 (20 working days)

Should you have any objection to the above information during the publicity period, we are available in multiple ways including telephone calls and correspondences. Issues raised by the public will be verified and handled.

Contact: Shen Ying

Tel: 13810951273


Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd.

March 14, 2023