Savor the Taste of Cool Summer

This hot summer, we’ve got you an assortment of refreshing drinks and snacks. Come and get a bite with your family and friends. Enjoy the summer delicacies together!

Universal Studios Beijing: Summer Is Coming

Check out our new summer offerings that have arrived at Universal Studio Beijing!

  • Sunset Grill

With its select seasonal ingredients. Sunset Grill offers you refreshing and delicious food, such as the Cold Platter and the Wok Fried Forest Mushrooms and Vegetables with XO Sauce in Golden Crispy Nest, which will help create an unforgettable memory here!

  • Casa de Pavon (Sunset Grill 2nd floor)

The new Cool Summer Buffet Dinner has a collection of traditional Chinese delicacies. Enjoy this feast on a beautiful summer night.

Availability: From June 15, 2024 (Open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in June). Subsequent operating hours may change, please consult the site staff.

Price: ¥228 per person

In-Park Special Cold Drinks & Snacks

  • Special Ice Drinks

These colorful ice drinks, with their fruity fragrance and refreshing flavor, will help you get rid of the summer boredom. You can’t have enough of them. The adorable Toothless Ice Cream also brings you a refreshing moment!

Summer FB
  • Desserts

Enjoy the colorful desserts in summer. The fresh colors are perfect for the season. Lightly sweet, they will melt in your mouth. Make you feel the summer vibe.

  • Baked Delicacies

A variety of delicacies take you on a journey of vibrant flavors: crispy and sweet on the first bite, savory and rich thereafter, instantly healing the summer heat.

Summer FB
  • Souvenir Products

The new souvenir buckets will make your summer look more attractive. The colorful souvenir cups can also help collect the wonderful memory of this summer!

Summer FB
  • Minion Land

The cold pancakes with rich ingredients feel satisfied. The sweet and sour fried rice with pineapple and shrimps gives an authentic Thai flavor.

  • Beverly Hills Boulangerie

Crisp on the outside and tough on the inside, the bread with various vegetables and tender and juicy beef can keep you energized and
increase your appetite in summer.


Universal CityWalk Beijing Summer Delicacies

Universal CityWalk Beijing offers new summer delicacies. The refreshing ice drinks and desserts will help you get rid of the summer heat ~ Annual Passholders enjoy up to 15% off*. Indulge yourself in the summer delicacies!

*College Student/Regular/Preferred Passholders enjoy 10% off, Plus/Premium Passholders enjoy 15% off.

  • Universal CityWalk - The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

The new Summer Special Sea Salt Milkshake creates a tropical island vibe. You’ll feel like being on a summer beach and enjoying the breeze on your face. The salty and sweet drink will drive away the summer heat ~

  • Cutie Cones

The colorful summer drinks give a refreshing taste. The cute looks are just irresistible. The sweet/sour tropical fruits bring you some coolness in the hot summer ~

  • Neon Street Hawkers - Southeast Asian Food

A break is what you need in a hot summer day ~ With so much mango and grapefruit flesh, you can start your day full of energy!

  • CityWalk WUBEI Craft Food and Beer

Cold craft brew with refreshing side dishes is a particular joy of summer.

  • The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

The cool and fresh Japanese cold noodles. The delicious seafood sashimi goes with crunchy cucumber and the soft and smooth avocado, giving you the wonderful taste ~


Embracing the Hot Summer

As it gets hotter and more summerish, the two resort hotels will offer a range of new summer products and special events, aiming at making your summer vacation full of vigor!

  • The Universal Studios Grand Hotel

1. Glitter and Glamor Dinner and Dessert Buffet (Universal Studios The Lotus Garden)

A variety of meat and seafood to enjoy with your family and friends

Time: July 6, 2024

Price: ¥338 per person; ¥198 per child (aged 3-11)

For reservations, call 010-57311573

2. Date Night Buffet (Universal Studios The Lotus Garden))

Indulge yourself in the feast of fresh seafood and delicious meats,

and feel the sweetness ~

Time: August 8, 2024

Price: ¥338 per person; ¥198 per child (aged 3-11)

For reservations, call 010-57311573

3. Universal Studios Red Dragon Lounge Thirst-Quenching Drinks

The refreshing cocktails give you the feel of sunshine and freshness of summer days. Take a sip to soothe your restlessness in a summer day ~

Time: June 1 - August 31, 2024

Price: From ¥48

For reservations, call 010-57311565

* You must be at least 18 years old to buy any alcohols. You may be asked to show a valid ID to verify your age.

  • NUO Resort Hotel

1. Buffet Royale: Sea-licious Dinner Buffet (Café Royal)

A variety of aquatic and sea food represents, the best summer delicacies and you will never forget its beautiful taste!

Time: 17:30-21:30, June 15 - August 18, 2024

Price: ¥338 per person; ¥198 per child (aged 3-11)

For reservations, call 010-57326330

2. Cool Summer Afternoon Tea (NUO Resort Hotel Lobby Lounge)

The exquisite summer desserts inspired by the blue ocean are so refreshing that they create a carefree summer vibe ~

Time: June 15 - August 18, 2024

Price: ¥488

For reservations, call 010-57326307

Embracing the colorful early summer and indulging in the seasonal delicacies. Feeling the vitality of summer and having fun together!

*Pictures are for reference only. Actual products may vary.