Beijing, August 26 – Universal Beijing Resort released a transportation guide today: with Beijing Metro “Universal Resort Station” came into service on August 26, the transportation service of Universal Beijing Resort is further improved. Two metro lines connected to train stations and airports, two expressways running through and around downtown Beijing, two bus lines convenient for local guests, and parking facilities for more than 10,000 vehicles provide guests with convenient travel experience.

During the internal pressure testing and trial operations of Universal Beijing Resort, Universal Studios Beijing, Universal CityWalk Beijing and two hotels – The Universal Studios Grand Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel – will be open to invited guests only.

Diversified Transportation for Accessing Universal Beijing Resort, Providing Convenient Travel Experiences for Guests

Beijing Metro “Universal Resort Station” is a supporting construction project for Universal Beijing Resort, and is connected with Metro Line 7 and Batong Line, and guests will be able to take the metro to “Universal Resort Station” and use Exit B, C, or D. From the exits, guests can walk to the security check area of Universal CityWalk Beijing in about 7 minutes. Meanwhile, since Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, and Beijing South Railway Station are all connected with rail transit, guests that arrive in Beijing by plane or train can use rail transit to reach Universal Beijing Resort.  

Universal Beijing Resort is located in Tongzhou District of Beijing, adjacent to the East 6th Ring Road and Beijing-Harbin Expressway. The “Tianjiafu” exit of Beijing-Harbin Expressway and the “Zhangjiawan North” exit of 6th Ring Road are now open . Guests who arrive in their own vehicles, or those who come by taxi, ride-hailing, dedicated tourist buses, tourist coaches, are able to enter Universal Beijing Resort through these exits. In terms of bus transportation, guests can take Bus No. 589 and T116 to reach Universal Beijing Resort. In addition, guests can walk along the southern walkway of the Waterway to reach Universal CityWalk Beijing.

Professional Parking Facilities Provide User-friendly Services to Meet Diversified Parking Demands of Guests

In order to ensure smooth operation after the opening, there are three large-scale parking areas that can accommodate more than 10,000 vehicles at the same time. Convenient parking was taken into consideration when Universal Beijing Resort was initially designed. “Speed parking” was designed to minimize guests’ time spent reversing into parking spaces. The parking garage is currently the largest single parking garage in Beijing, with 6 floors and 6,540 parking spaces. Adjacent to the parking garage, there is a ground surface parking with 2,772 spaces. Furthermore, to guarantee stable and efficient parking services on peak days during internal pressure testing and trial operations, Universal Beijing Resort also provides an overflow parking with 1,447 parking spaces.

To meet different needs of guests, Universal Beijing Resort provides a variety of parking services with multi-tiered prices. Guests can choose regular parking or prime parking services, both of which are charged at the toll plaza and provide service with no time limit during business hours. The prime parking is near the transportation hub area connected to Universal CityWalk Beijing, from which guests are able to quickly start their journey at Universal Beijing Resort. In order to accommodate the needs of electric vehicles and vehicles for the disabled, the parking garage provides 477 EV-chargers on B1, and 192 parking spaces on 2F for disabled people. Parking spaces for disabled people can be used free of charge. Guests are also able to park their vehicles in the valet parking nearest to the front gate of Universal Studios Beijing. With 326 parking spaces, the valet parking is located on the west side of the entrance of Universal CityWalk Beijing. Guests simply need to give their keys to the valet parking runner, and then start their journey in Universal Beijing Resort, and the valet parking fee will be paid when the car is picked up. 

In addition to private vehicle parking, a bus hub, taxi pick-up and drop-off area and tourist coach parking are also provided near the transportation hub connected to Universal CityWalk Beijing. The tourist coach parking has 209 parking spaces, and vehicles can stay for 30 minutes free of charge. There is also a functional zone for ride-hailing and private vehicles 50 meters away from the security check area of the pedestrian hub, where drivers can pick up or drop off passengers free of charge. In addition, Universal Beijing Resort also provides designated parking lot in the west section of parking garage 1F for private bicycle and shared bike parking.

Tom Mehrmann, president and general manager of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd. Theme Park and Resort Management Branch said, “We put significant thought into the high standards we adopted for building a world-class theme park and resort. We not only provide complete transportation and parking facilities, but also raise the bar of guests’ experiences with high-quality services.” In the future, Universal Beijing Resort will continue to cooperate with relevant government departments to monitor guest flow through an interactive traffic intelligent management platform and use various means to control guest flow during peak days to ensure stable and smooth operation. With ever-improving transportation and parking facilities, Universal Beijing Resort will become a theme park destination offering high-quality and memorable guest experiences.



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